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False Tuned | FTD1 Details
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FTD1 | Released 2003 |
"Important news spreading from False Tuned: Tikiman, its founder, will release and perform in the future under his given name Paul St. Hilaire -- to ban finally all claims on trademarks. And with Unspecified the artist formerly known as Tikiman presents his first CD. Eleven tunes are gathered here, astonishing, vibrant, deep tracks out of the very peculiar fusion of roots reggae/dub/experimental that became the characteristic of the promising Berlin record smithy. The sounds of western metropoles melt with the tones of the artist's Caribbean home island Dominica. In the center of each tune: the unique voice of Paul St. Hilaire talking to us about the up and downs of our private lives and our all involvement in world politics. Poetic and political at the same time, Unspecified is committed to the Caribbean tradition of handmade, human and spiritual music. This CD opens up a window to the reggae of tomorrow."
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